Madvac Litter Vacuums and Sweepers

Discover our other brand of specialty vehicles: MADVAC diesel and
electric compact litter vacuums and sweepers.

Specifically designed to remove litter in all areas that bigger machines
can’t access or manage such as sidewalks, bike lanes, alleys, parking
lots, fence lines, grass surfaces, pedestrian lanes, and more!

Below are a few pics of the machines.

Take note our LN50 model is the closest equivalent on the market to the discontinued Tennant ATLV 4300.

For more information, or to request a quote click here to access the MADVAC website.

Excelway compact multi-purpose vehicles have 4-wheel drive / 4-wheel steer capability to easily access and manage your most challenging environments. Having a reduced fleet comprised of robust, reliable, easy to operate, easy to transform multi-purpose vehicles makes sense. This is what Excelway products is all about.

New Excelway website coming soon. Till then, visit for detailed information on our new Excelway brand!


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