BD202 Mechanical Sweeper

Your Ultimate, High-Performance Mechanical Sweeper

BD202 can handle serious debris such as broken glass, sand, mud, rocks, wood, and more. This compact machine is a robust, easy to operate, 4-wheel drive unit that can run on any surface type. The BD202 has a unique 59 in. (1500 mm) high side-tip mechanism for quick and easy unload into any standard-size dumpster. Whether you manage a construction site, beach area, airport, industrial facility, and more, the BD202 is your ‘must-have’ unit for heavy-duty litter collection operations.

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BD202 At A Glance
  • Sweep path 77 in. (1956 mm) up to 103 in. (2616 mm) – ideal width for most common applications
  • Sound-proof closed cabin with heater and AC – superior operator comfort
  • 3.3 gpm @ 2175 PSI super wash – for additional cleaning
  • No CDL required – safe and easy to operate
  • Coming in 2023! – new options for multipurpose, all-season use: snow broom | snow plow | towable salt spreader | towable cart
Product Overview

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  • Cities and municipalities
  • Outdoor cleaning contractors
  • Airports
  • Seaports
  • Transit authorities
  • Industrial property management companies
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Casinos
  • Commercial property management companies
  • Military
  • Distribution centers
  • Correctional facilities
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BD202 Mechanical Sweeper

Pop up BD202 Mechanical Sweeper

The BD202 is equipped with the following standard features:

- Kubota engine 18.5 kW (24.8 HP) | Stage V – EPA Tier 4
- 4-wheel drive | 2-speed hydrostatic transmission
- Hopper capacity 1.17 cu yd. (900L)
- Sweeper unit capacity 65 gal. (245L)
- 2 circular brooms 30 in. (762 mm) with side shift up to 15.8 in. (400mm)
- Main central broom 44 in. (1118mm)
- Water tank 92.5 gal. (350L)
- Seat with adjustable height and distance with rolling safety belt
- 2nd seat for passenger
- Front windscreen, front wipers
- Rotating beacon
- Rear view mirror
- Anti vandal protection
- Audible reverse warning


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