B200 - Vacuum Sweeper

The Only 4WD Compact Sweeper Built In North America

B200 is a truly outstanding machine: an exceptional, reliable sweeper for a wide range of litter removal applications such as bike lanes, streets, parking lots, alleys, construction sites, airports, and much, much more. Can be purchased as a 2.6 cu yd. (2 cu m.) sweeper-only vehicle (B200-S), or, with the addition of our unique, patented iLink system for attachments, become your year-round cleaning and maintenance champion (B200-M). Within minutes, B200 can be transformed to become a 100% snow plow, snow broom, salt spreader, cargo bed, washer, and more. Do more with less and save money too – Eco-efficiency at its best!

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B200 At A Glance
  • Optional 3rd brush – for additional sweeping and litter pick-up capability
  • Optional 4-wheel steer – outstanding maneuverability in tight areas
  • Spacious, sound-proof cabin with heater and AC – superior operator comfort
  • Optional wander hose and pressure washer gun – for additional cleaning
  • Fuel saving Eco Mode system – reduces consumption and GHG
  • No CDL required – safe and easy to operate
Product Overview

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  • Cities and municipalities
  • Outdoor cleaning contractors
  • Airports & Seaports
  • Educational and sports facilities
  • Transit authorities
  • Healthcare services
  • Industrial property management companies
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Casinos
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial property management companies
  • Military
  • Distribution centers
  • Amusement parks
  • Correctional facilities
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B200 Vacuum Sweeper

Pop up B200 Vacuum Sweeper

The B200 is equipped with the following standard features:

- Deutz TCD 2.2 water-cooled 3-cylinder inline engine with power range from 45 to 55.4 KW | Stage V – EPA Tier 4
- 2WD with 2 speeds hydrostatic transmission with automatic gear shifting
- Stainless steel hopper with capacity 2.62 cu yd (2000 L)
- Hopper capacity 2.62 cu yd (2000L) - stainless steel hopper
- 2 front independent side-shift brushes ø 33.5 in. (850 mm)
- Water tank capacity 79.25 gal. (300 L) with recirculation system.
- Complete road lighting package and mirrors
- Fully enclosed soundproof cabin with 2 seats - right-hand drive (RHD)
- Driver seat with mechanical suspension - seats with adjustable tilting, distance, and weight
- Air conditioning and heating
- Two joystick commands in central console for the control of brushes and attachments
- Fire Extinguisher 13.3 lbs (6 kg)
- Automatic and centralized lubrification system 4*2*2 / 4*2*4 / 4*4*4

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